General Information About The Program:

    Energy as a significant and inevitable notion of our daily life, effects every human being gradually. Especially the increasing interest of every country throughout the world towards the notion of “sustainable development” has generated not only a concern towards efficient use and production of conventional energy resources and minimizing the environmental effects, but also a specific attention to clean and renewable energy resources (such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal). The condition aspires the need for professional persona specialised on the subject and the improvement of further studies on the topic within universible, in order not to fall behind from the ongoing studies throughout the world.

    Hacettepe University Renewable Energy graduate program is a division giving graduate education and conducting science research on renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, geothermal and wind, since 2005.

    Renewable Energy graduate program is an interdiciplinary program supported by many departments for training professionals who will perform active role in applying directing projects for clean and renewable energies.

    Hacettepe University, with its advanced scientific competence and infrastructure potentials, has a unique role in comprising the necessary knowledge and experience for establishing conducting such a program in Turkey.


    Anyone, with an undergraduate degree in one of the faculties and departments stated below, from any Turkish university or any foreign university that is approved by Turkish Higher Education Committee (YÖK) can apply for “Renewable Energy” graduate program. Eligible departments are as follows:

    Physics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Hydogeological Engineering, Mining Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electric - Electronic Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Computer Engineering, Meteorology Engineering, Physics Bs. , Biology Bs. , Geology Bs. , Chemistry Bs.

    Applications having an undergraduate degree from another faculty different than the ones listed above are reliant upon a proposal and a reference from the stated department and the approval of H. U. Graduate School Executive Committee.

    Candidates who will apply for this graduate program;

    • Should have minimum base score from national ALES-SAY exam, or from the quantitative section of internationally recognized GRE exam. Minimum base score is determined by the Senate of Hacettepe University,
    • Should take KPDS/UDS language tests or other nationally and internationally recognized language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS of which minimum base score is determined by the Senate of Hacettepe University,
    • To be present at the interview,
    • Required to submit at least two letters of reference.

    The overall success of the candidates is determined by the written procedures in accordance with Examination Regulations of Graduate Studies of Hacettepe University,

    Applications for exchange students are evaluated according to the bilateral agreement signed between Hacettepe University and the partner university. Guest students can register for classes given in this program with the approval of the relevant academic unit. Application should be done directly to Institute of Sciences (Graduate School of Sciences) at Hacettepe University.

    For Renewable Energy graduate program, admission as a “Special Student” on a course basis is possible. Special studentship is a form of further education with center of attention on working life, not resulting in a degree. The applicant's academic background must be of a standard suitable for the courses he/she is to attend at the institute.

    Qualification Requirements and Regulations:

    The programme consists of a minimum of eight courses delivered within the graduate programme of the department and in related fields, one seminar course, and thesis, with a minimum of 24 local credits. The total ECTS credits of the programme is 120 ECTS. The duration of the programme is four semesters.

    All students accepted to the programme have to complete the required courses, of which has to be approved by the supervisors or by the head of the Renewable Energy Department, regarding the fullfilment of the basic knowledge and improvement of personal objectives for future research topic of each student. The courses taken within this term mark a period of transition to be used as grasping the fundamental knowledge that is to be used for furthering the interest of the research towards a more specialised and expertised level.

    Elective courses are more specific courses on the clean and renewable energies and can be chosen among the course of the Renewable Energy Graduate Program or from other programs. However the later has to be approved by the department and at most two of these courses may be counted to the Master's course load and credits. What is intended for both terms is to offer each student a rich variety of elective courses to choose from. However, at most two of these courses may be counted to the Master's course load and credits.

    Students must register for thesis work and the Specialization Field course offered by his supervisor every semester following the semester, in which the supervisor is appointed. The thesis is graded on a pass/fail basis. A student who has completed work on the thesis within the time period, must write a thesis, using the data collected, according to the specifications of the Graduate School Thesis Writing Guide. The thesis must be defended in front of a jury. The Master's thesis jury is appointed on the recommendations of the relevant Department Chairperson and with the approval of the Administrative Committee of the Graduate School. To correct or change a thesis found incomplete and/or inadequate by the jury, the jury must specify in its report that such corrections are necessary. A student may be given, by a decision of the Administrative Committee of the Graduate School, up to three months to complete the corrections. The student must then retake the thesis examination.

    Students who are enrolled in this program:

    • Should take at least 120 ECTS credits,
    • Must complete all courses and the thesis work successfully with a minumun grade point average of 2.75 as stated in the Graduate Education and Examination Regulations of Hacettepe University.

Hacettepe University Renewable Energy Department
New and Clean Energy Research and Application Center (YETAM)
06800 Beytepe Ankara
Phone: 0312 297 67 69 - 72 45